Are College Costs Deceiving?

To a college finance geek like me, this is what I imagine ‘earnings season’ must be like for a Wall Street whale. Several reports about college costs, value and debt have appeared in national publications, and I’m mired in college numbers. It seems like every time I hit refresh, I’ve got a new financial report/ ...


Make College More Affordable

It’s no secret that college has become insanely expensive.  In fact, for most people the cost of college will excede the cost of their home.  Parents want to do everything thing they can to help their child go to college, but unfortunately they don’t know where or how to begin.   That’s why I’ve started ...


Why Do So Many Students Drop Out of College?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Drop Out Factory” in reference to America’s higher education system?  According to a Harvard study titled ‘Pathways to Prosperity’, only 56% of students who embark on a bachelor’s program get their degree within 6 years and just 29% of students who seek an associates degree finish within 3 years. ...

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