Loan Series: Federal Student Loans and Repayment Plans

I am often asked about loan types, lenders, repayment plans, and even loan consolidation. I have written previous posts on the top lenders for this year, and loan consolidation, so today I wanted to talk a bit about a certain loan type and the repayment plans: Federal Student Loans.


The Tuition Bill

So you have a student going to college, maybe they have already made the all-important decision of which college to attend, and even chosen a major. And, lucky you, the tuition bill just came in the mail. So now what?   Your eyes may have glazed over at the initial award letter you received (if ...

The Guide to a Productive Summer – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how careful you should be when planning out your summer vacation. This is especially true of rising seniors, who should factor in some time for the college application process. “Why do I already need to start thinking about this,” you might ask. “I’m on vacation. I have all fall to ...

Summer Vacation for the College Applicant

With the last day of school right around the corner for many students, it’s a good time to think about what you’ll be doing with the newfound abundance of free time you’ll have over the next few months.  While of course college admissions officers are interested in your GPA, your standardized test scores, and your ...

The Guide to a Productive Summer

School’s out, and summer planning is in full swing for our students here at PES. Many are looking forward to family vacations, time spent with friends, and catching up on some much-needed rest and relaxation. But did you know that the way you spend your summers will hold some weight in the outcome of your ...


FAFSA Series: Does College Order Matter?

When students complete a FAFSA, they are required to name and submit their form to at least one college. This may seem obvious, but so many students struggle with knowing where they will apply, especially right at the time when the FAFSA becomes available (October 1st, in case you were still wondering). In a desperate ...

FAFSA Series: The FAFSA & Income – What You Don’t Know Can Cost You!

A family’s income plays a large part in the financial aid process, and most importantly, when determining a student’s EFC (Expected Family Contribution). For most colleges and universities, this is first determined by submitting a FAFSA with your latest taxes and incomes.

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