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College Admissions & Social Media

What you post on social media is fair game to an admissions officer. One tweet, post, or snap could mean the difference between an acceptance and a denial. The use of social media is becoming increasingly common in the admissions process, and I always tell my students that they can never be too careful with ...

The Importance of Campus Visits

One of the first questions I ask my students when I begin helping them with their college lists is about the type of school at which they see themselves. A common response I get is along the lines of “I want the big university with the football team, Greek life, thousands of new people to ...

Demonstrating Interest – College Admissions Best Kept Secret

What goes into the review of an application? Of course, your grades and standardized test scores are at the very top of the list. Your performance in the classroom for four years is one of the key pieces of information that a college relies on when predicting if you’ll be a good fit for them ...

The Danger of the College Ranking System

“Define the word best for me.” This question is generally met with a bit of hesitation, followed by one of the words that makes me cringe most: rankings. One of the biggest obstacles I have to overcome when helping a student with his or her college list is convincing that student to look beyond the ...

The Importance of Creating the Perfect College List

There’s a lot more to building a strong college list than you might think.

College Applications – Early Action: Early Decision’s Nice, Little Sister (part 3 of 3)

In a nutshell, early action applications come with many of the same benefits that early decision plans do, but without all of the baggage. As a refresher, those benefits are: receiving your admissions decision early (generally by or around Christmas time), having a higher chance of being admitted, and demonstrating an interest in a college.

The Great Debate – To Apply Early Decision, or not to Apply Early Decision (part 2 of 3)

As I mentioned last week, the key benefit of applying Early Decision is that you often have a higher chance of being accepted.