Month: February 2020

The Danger of Committing Too Early

As difficult as it may be, wait to choose a college until you have all of the facts.

Deciding Between Great Options

You’re almost there! You studied hard, took the tests, did the research, wrote the essays, and submitted the apps. And now you have a handful of acceptances to really great schools to show for it – well done!! But how do you choose between them?  It’s no surprise that choosing which college to enroll in ...

Financial Aid Award Analysis: Tips & Tricks

We create an “Award Analysis” spreadsheet for each of our first-time students once they start receiving financial aid award packages. I am sharing some of our best tips and tricks here so you can accomplish just that.

The Steps to Your Perfect College List

Don’t rule a school out simply because you haven’t heard of it or thought of it as a possibility before. The best college for you might be a hidden gem that you’ll discover along the way, but this can only happen if you’re open to the process!

Conditional Admission – It’s Not a No!

College decisions used to be simple – you’re in or you’re not. Decision made. However, we’ve left the world of clear-cut answers. In addition to being waitlisted, another admissions decision that’s becoming increasingly common is conditional admission. It may be referred to as provisional admission, conditional acceptance, deferred admission, or a handful of other names. ...