Month: January 2020

The Benefit of Admitted Students Events

College acceptances are piling high for our students as we near the end of January! We love hearing the exciting news and sharing the joy and relief students have as all of their hard work pays off! The only potential downside to all those acceptances is making a decision between so many great options.  Thankfully, ...

When Will I Receive My Financial Aid Award?

In January and February, most families have wrapped up the financial aid process and are eagerly awaiting their financial aid award letter.

Picking The Right Classes

The new year often means looking ahead at the months to come. For many high school students, this involves planning for the upcoming school year and selecting which classes they’ll be taking.

The Importance of Service (In College Admissions… and Beyond)

This student’s passion for service was so evident in the way she discussed her plans to get involved, and it was clear to me that she was volunteering to better the lives of others—not just to have community service hours to list on her college application.

The Waiting Game

For many of you, these next several months will be the last time you are in the same place with the same people. As Billy Madison once said, “Cherish it! For the love of God, cherish it!”