Month: July 2019

Paying For College: Penalty or Platform?

Recently, I attended a community event that involved sitting down to dinner with several people I had just met. Sometimes when asked, I hesitate to tell people exactly what I do for a living because inevitably the other person tries to turn the rest of our conversation into their own personal consultation session. Bracing for ...

Standardized Testing Accommodations

  If there’s one positive thing to have come out of the admissions scandal from this past Spring, perhaps it is this- a spotlight has been cast on ACT and SAT testing accommodations.  Prior to the scandal, and even still today, I’m sure, there are many deserving students who are not aware that they have the option to apply for ...

Choosing a High School Sport

There are many benefits to participating in an organized sport. Joining a team is a great way to make friends and can give you a sense of community.

Don’t Fall for the Fast App Track!

Have you ever heard of a "Priority Application?" if not, keep reading!

Assert Your Rights: Who is Eligible to Appeal?

One of the most exciting parts of my role as a financial aid advisor is to be able to help a deserving family apply for additional aid. Many of the families that I work with are not fully aware of the financial aid appeal process, and are often happy to learn of their eligibility.  There ...


Using Common App onTrack, the Common App mobile app, to Manage your application process.

Let’s talk managing deadlines– which isn’t as simple as itsounds when you’re applying to ten different colleges, each with their own unique application deadlines.   As much as I’d love to be able to snap my fingers and make sure students everywhere never miss a deadline again, the reality is that YOU need to be an active participant in yourapplication process to ...

Loan Series: Federal Student Loans and Repayment Plans

I am often asked about loan types, lenders, repayment plans, and even loan consolidation. I have written previous posts on the top lenders for this year, and loan consolidation, so today I wanted to talk a bit about a certain loan type and the repayment plans: Federal Student Loans.


The Tuition Bill

So you have a student going to college, maybe they have already made the all-important decision of which college to attend, and even chosen a major. And, lucky you, the tuition bill just came in the mail. So now what?   Your eyes may have glazed over at the initial award letter you received (if ...