The Importance of Creating the Perfect College List

There’s a lot more to building a strong college list than you might think.

What makes a college list solid?

There’s a lot more to building a strong college list than you might think.

Rarely do I have a student come to our first meeting prepared with a set list of colleges to which he or she would like to apply. Some have a better idea than others, sure. But building up the perfect college list takes a lot of work and a LOT of research.

The key to a good college list is balance. You must have a wide variety of options, otherwise you run the risk of locking yourself into something when spring of your senior year rolls around and you are needing to make a decision.

If you’re not careful, you may also run the risk of not being able to afford a particular school after they’ve presented you with your financial aid package, so again, the key here is options, options, options!

PES students work closely with their consultants year-round on creating their perfect college lists. Trust us, strong lists don’t just pop up overnight. Our students are carefully researching all of their recommendations and considering which schools are going to be the right fit for them.

Until Next time,

Molly Monet, PES Student Services Consultant

P.S. It’s almost college application season which means your student needs to narrow down their college list before they start applying! I’d love to give them the extra boost they need to find and get into one of their dream schools. Click here to purchase our Tier 3 College Planning Services and give your child the gift of a brighter future!

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