Can You Graduate College In 4 Years?

“Seven good years of school gone to waste!” 
– John Belushi, Animal House

It has become all too common.  College students taking 5,6,7, even 8 years to complete their bachelor’s degree.  Why?  The mindset of many large, state universities throughout the country — Your Best Customers Are Your Current Customers — Aiding students to stay in school longer to achieve a bachelor’s degree, causing them to rack up tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary student debt.

Instead of doing something about it, the presidents of these universities are actually encouraging it and are urging the department of education to have less stringent guidelines when looking at graduation rates.

Can you believe it?  College is expensive enough as it is, even for a four-year graduate, but to know college presidents are hoping your child slacks off and takes their time to get a degree is troubling, to say the least.

Even though college is expensive, many people are too focused on the price tag of the school rather than what they will actually have to pay.  Parents and students see the price of a state school compared to a private institution and have a knee-jerk reaction to dismiss the private school.

A Huge Mistake!

What most parents find is that even though private schools may seem more expensive, after financial aid, tuition discounts, timely graduation rates (compared to state schools), and a secret private school bonus (keep reading and I’ll let the cat out of the bag), makes the private school option  much more affordable.

A recent study done by Bloomberg compares the 2011 graduation rates of 20 elite private schools to state schools (one of every 12 from the 248 schools Forbes ranks).

The Results?

Private School Students:
     87% graduated in 4 years
     95% graduated in 6 years

State School Students:
     25% graduated in 4 years
     55% graduated in 6 years (leaving 45% of their students without a degree – dropped out or still in school)

As a parent, armed with this knowledge, doesn’t this make the private college option much more appealing?

A Private School Bonus?

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that the parents ability to pay is one of the major factors taken into consideration for admitting your child to a school.  As shown above, private colleges are looking for students who are academically and financially able to graduate from their school.

Private Schools have taken notice of the quality of students that have gone through our College Dream Builder Program (97% graduation rate), and have given us the power to award Tuition Discounts to our clients.

By working with us, you can earn up to $42,000 per student in Tuition Discounts.  This definitley lowers the cost of a private college and gives you a huge advantage to make college more affordable for your family.

Is a private college right for everybody?  Of course not, but the point of today’s newsletter is to show that even though the sticker price of private schools are higher than a state school, that doesn’t mean it will be more expensive.  Especially when you take Tuition Discounts, Financial Aid, Tuition Rewards, and earlier graduation rates into account.

Want to learn more?  Join me at a free workshop where I will go into this topic in greater detail.

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